Providing New Bathroom Facilities for the CP2 Orphanage - Oradea, Romania

The director of the CP2 orphanage/placement center, in Oradea Romania has recently requested our ministry's partnership in helping to resolve the deplorable bathroom situation that currently exists at the orphanage.  The focus of this project ties into our mission to offer protection, provision and permanent solutions to Romania's orphans. Practically speaking, this can even mean providing safe bathroom facilities at a local orphanage!


Specifically, we've been asked to assist with the remodeling of 16 bathrooms on the 2nd floor and 3rd floors of this orphanage.  To put it this way, the director says, "The water leaks are destroying the walls and the ceilings, making the rooms adjacent to them a health hazard.   Without this remodeling work, the entire building structure is at risk due to this water leakage problem!"



Our ministry plans to support this effort as soon as God provides the resources!  We plan on replacing all the bathroom fixtures including showers, toilets, floor tiles and 4 feet of wall tiles.  For each bathroom we need: a door, a sink, a toilet, a shower stall, an electrical fixture, a light switch, 23.5 square feet of floor tiles and 92.8 square feet of wall tiles.

It cost will cost our ministry $1300 to renovate each bathroom. You can join with us and others in providing a pledge towards this amount: $50, $100, $500 or you can provide the entire amount for one complete bathroom renovation at $1,300.

In summary, we need to raise a total of $20,800 to renovate these 16 bathrooms for the 120 at risk children that live at the CP2 orphanage.  The materials represents 60% of the total amount and the remaining 40% represents the cost of labor.

Please pray about helping us in with this very tangible opportunity to show these kids that their health and safety are important God and to us as well!

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