The purpose of the House of Joy emergency placement center is to provide temporary protective housing for up to 8-12 children.  Our initial goal is to move the most vulnerable orphaned children from the local orphanage into this safe haven where they can begin their  journey from silence, loneliness, and rejection to a world of joy, hope, and faith.  Our final goal is to recruit loving foster or adoptive families to receive these orphaned children into their homes -  to love, nurture, and prepare them for a secure and promising future!

If there was a way for you to restore hope for the least of these, would you do it?  God's wants us to be his hands...his heart...his voice.  The battle for these children is today.  The question is not, "Should I help an orphan child living beyond our borders?" but rather "How can I help change a child's destiny forever?"

You can get involved in supporting these children with a one-time gift towards the overall project cost, or you can provide a monthly pledge of $30, $50, $75 or more towards the monthly operational expenses of running House of Joy

Thank you for considering this powerful opportunity to show Christ’s love and to do something about the sorrow in the hearts of Romania’s broken children!

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