The images of 1989 are still with us. After the fall of the Ceausescu regime, the truth about Romania was exposed.  The experiment to create a great Romanian state had gone horribly awry. The decree that each woman must have at least five children created an entire subculture of lost children. Unable to provide proper care for their children, and convinced by the State that institutionalized care would be best, desperate parents placed tens of thousands of children in orphanages. These young ones were later found amid unbelievable squalor and deprivation in hundreds of institutions nationwide.


Pathway to Joy first set foot into the local children’s hospital in 1999. The top two floors of the building housed several abandoned babies. Most of them were tied three or more to a crib and suffered from a condition called 'failure to thrive' — a condition resulting from neglect where the children’s bodies literally shut down.

The local children's hospital currently has an average of 15-25 abandoned infants and children ages birth to three, who suffer from inadequate nutrition, abnormal development and the lack of proper identification documents.  Unfortunately, the lack of sufficient government funding prevents these children from being integrated into the state foster care system.


God has called us to provide loving care and protection for these forgotten infants and children.   Protecting these children has meant becoming an advocate for them. Pathway to Joy has made remarkable strides in the hospital since they first arrived. Due to generous sponsors, they have been able to improve the conditions dramatically.

We employ four hospital workers is to give each abandoned child in their care the assurance of protection from loneliness, hunger, and fear. They do this by providing love, nutrition, clothing and medical care. Other staffers seek to resolve the children′s legal status, match them with sponsors, and place them in foster or adoptive families if the children cannot be reunified with their natural family.


Please consider supporting an orphan is distress by helping us purchase food, formula, diapers, clothes, and medicine. It costs $30 a month to care for the needs of one abandoned child at this children’s hospital.

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