The needs of abandoned children are not only physical, therefore providing emergency care and protection is only part of fulfilling their dreams for security and love. Their needs are also social, emotional and spiritual. That’s why PTJM is committed to making a difference in our community’s foster care system by building a network of Christian foster homes that provide for these needs in a safe and nurturing environment.


On an ongoing basis, we recruit, train and support Christian families in our project area to open their home and enter into the lives of these suffering little ones in a way that makes a family, and a church community available to them. Wherever possible, and when in the child’s best interests, counseling is provided for those parents who desire to makes the changes necessary to reunite with their child. Our ultimate goal is to seek a permanent solution for each child in our care.


You would be surprised how simple it is to make a dramatic change in the life of an orphan child who doesn’t have a hope in the world unless someone enters his life and reveals to him the love of the Father. Just giving a little bit of God’s love to an abandoned child can be transformational and completely revolutionize his life — not to mention the abundant joy that you will both experience in the process!

Taking a child who has grown up not knowing what it is to be loved and giving them a family is a picture of God’s love.  Our heart is to place more children in Christian foster homes.

It costs our ministry $275 per month ($3300 per year) to support a child in foster care. You can join with us and others in providing a monthly pledge towards this amount: $30, $50, $75 or you can provide the entire amount for one child at $275 per month.

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