Recognizing that the root of the social problems in Romania today are due in part to the depravity of man, we see our focus upon the spiritual needs of the people as our best preventive measure against future child neglect and abandonment and the scriptural means for a brighter future for all Romanians!


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Since August 2004, with the generous support of our donors, our church planting team has planted several churches in gypsy communities in Romania.

We began an outreach in the village of Sabolciu where approximately 300 gypsies are living below poverty line and struggling to survive. Most families in this village are single moms with several children in the home.

The new church plant in this village has approximately 50 new believers. Through the generous support of donors we were able to build a church building that provides a space for the congregation to worship together and to be able to do things together as a community.  Sabolciu and Tinca are only some of the many gypsy villages that need our help.

Pathway to Joy is currently building an educational and development center across from the church to offer educational support and vocational training for the children and their families. Once forgotten children and families now have a loving church community and hope for a brighter future.

Are you the instrument of hope that God will use to change a child’s life? Will you consider sponsoring a child in our Impact a Community ministry by providing a monthly pledge of $30, $50, $75, $100 or more?

Your monthly sponsorship will provide a child with:

Please consider helping us to build the church, support the pastor and assist the community in one of these villages. Pathway to Joy Ministries can lift up Christ throughout this nation as you join with us — personally, prayerfully and financially. Together God can use us mightily!

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