Every summer, Pathway to Joy Ministries offers the orphans that are a part of our orphan mentoring project a chance to get away from their everyday lives in the concrete jungle and ironclad gates that make up the orphanage. During a week at camp, these orphans enjoy the beauty of God's creation and are reminded daily of God's great love for them through small group bible studies and one on one time with their counselors.


They are also provided with many activities to partake in such as archery, zip lining, arts and crafts, soccer, drama, basketball, hiking, volleyball, trampolining, wall climbing, obstacle course and rope course challenges and many more. Through these activities we can teach them a feeling of accomplishment, teamwork, listening skills, trust, encouragement, tenacity, self worth, imagination, hope, and many other lacked skills.

The friendships that are made at camp also help them throughout the year. We have seen children that could not even stay in the same room together without fighting, become brothers, sisters and teammates. We have seen these children mature and grow in so many ways! Many of the children come to realize that they need God in their lives. The fake fronts they used to put on as a coping mechanism are now being stripped away, exposing the hurt and emptiness they have carried all these years.


The role-modeling of our staff and volunteers during camp week have a huge and direct impact on the lives of these kids. They get a chance to see firsthand that through love and peace, rather than through toughness and fighting, we can all live happily and accomplish so much more with God rather than by ourselves.

The bible is clear that one of our MAIN calling's here on earth is to, "Go and make disciples of ALL men." The only way to make a disciple is to invest time in someone's life and to respond to the questions they have. You can help with this calling in many ways. One way is to come and become a camp counselor for the summer here in Romania. Whether you come by yourself, with your youth group or church group, there is a lot that can be done.


Another way to help is to donate to Pathway to Joy for the camp ministry. These camps need funding for the renting of the camp, the food, the activities, the supplies, transportation and many more necessities. Above all, the most important thing you can do for this ministry is to pray. Pray for the orphans so that their hearts will be prepared to accept the teachings of the Lord. Without our many prayer warriors, we would not see the fruits that are cultivated here at camp and afterwards when they return back to the orphanage.

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