By joining Pathway to Joy's Prayer Partner Network, you are supporting vital efforts to rescue, restore and provide hope for hundreds of orphans and needy children cemented within Romania's orphanages and poorest communities. Your prayers impact the lives of hundreds of vulnerable children and families!

We are asking you to consider taking a few minutes each day to pray and commit the needs of our ministry and the children we serve to our loving Father. Our ministry flourishes by the grace of God. It is by prayer that He leads us and by prayer He provides for us. Even with excellent strategies, and the tremendous support of many dedicated sponsors, the battle for these children is ultimately won in prayer!

It has been amazing how He has called us to do things that have seemed impossible financially, logistically or otherwise and then provided for it beyond measure. Prayer may not be something that can be measured, but we know that it is the will of God and the most important resource we can depend on.

Pathway to Joy needs faithful prayer partners to regularly pray for us and the specific needs that affect our ministry and the children we serve. If you have a heart for prayer, please sign-up to receive our prayer requests and ministry updates by entering your e-mail address to the box on the right. Thanks and God Bless you!