Internship Program

Pathway to Joy is currently recruiting 2016 summer interns and senior intern leaders for their dynamic summer internship program in Oradea, Romania. Consider stepping out in faith and obeying the challenge of James 1:27 to reach out and SERVE orphan and needy children in Jesus' name!

Internship FAQ

What is a senior intern leader?

A young adult (professional or student); College degree preferred with background and experience in leading children and youth.

What is an intern?

Our internship program is geared primarily towards college age students with a heart for serving the Lord and making a difference in the lives of orphan and needy children.

To be considered for an intern position, follow these steps:

  1. Select the program of interest below to obtain trip information, dates and costs.
  2. Submit a completed internship application form  by March 1.
  3. Once we receive your application, the PTJM Internship coordinator will contact you for a phone interview. Confirmation letters will be mailed to selected interns in late March.
  4. Complete and submit a drug test which must have a negative result.
  5. Provide proof of necessary insurance coverage.
  6. Read, sign and submit statement of confidentiality and internship policy documents.


Past interns have said that they have never worked so hard in their lives, but that they have also never laughed so hard or prayed so hard or loved so much as they did while they were here.

The links below will give you a bigger picture of what our summer internships are all about. If you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail our office anytime.

What does an intern do?

Interns are college-aged students dedicated to minister to orphan children in the name of Jesus. They are the all-time servants for the summer. They are called upon to serve the orphans, the national staff and caregivers, and the short-term groups that come in for about a week at a time. The key to being an intern is being flexible as each day can be different. We need leadership in several areas: music, Bible exploration, games, crafts and learning memory verses. No matter what age child, you will be ministering with your fellow interns through songs, stories, games, outdoor activities, prayer, and one-on-one time with the kids. The most important job our interns have is to share LOVE! Get ready to form some really intense relationships with these kids. They will love you with everything they have, and you will do the same. Throughout the course of the summer, you will have the opportunity to do a little bit of everything.

Where will the interns be living?

They will be living in an apartment within a close radius of the Intern Coordinator and a few of our staff members.

How will the interns get around the city? 

While a team is in town the interns will be traveling with the team. The majority of the time the interns will car pool with the staff, but other times they will use the local public transportation system. The tram system is very safe and easy to use.

How do the interns communicate with family and friends in the States?

The interns will have internet in their apartment so they can use Skype, Facetime or Viber to reach out to family and friends.

What happens if an intern needs medical care? 

PTJM has good relationships with several local doctors that will see to any medical needs that arise. Please be sure to purchase world insurance to cover any major emergencies. Good Neighbor Insurance ( is a good option.

How will the interns be supervised? 

There will be a senior intern living with the interns who will provide ongoing supervision and support. In addition, PTJM ministry staff will also be available to provide leadership and direction.

Will anyone help us?

A few weeks of your internship will be shared alongside short-term mission teams from America. These mission groups may be made up of a combination of youth groups, college students, singles, and adults. When a short-term team is not around, our intern team will lead the week of ministry. When a short-term team is around, our intern team facilitates their involvement and helps lead the week of ministry, filling in any gaps if necessary.

What is the schedule like?

It is hard to describe a typical day of ministry in Romania! Our experiences vary with each new day. Some of our camps we host are held at the local orphanage itself. Some weeks are at rented camp facilities in the mountains. Our days will begin early around 7:30 or 8:00am with prayer and breakfast, and end after dinner with a short debrief/devotion time. Other weeks may involve leading vacation Bible schools in poor gypsy villages and assisting mission teams with construction projects. At times we will also involve you serving at the local children′s hospital caring for abandoned babies and toddlers.

How long does the intern program last?

Typically, internships are four to eight weeks in length and begin in June or July. Pathway to Joy is also happy to work with any students interested in creating their own internship during a different time of year.

How much does it cost?

Most interns raise their own support and have found this to be another blessing of going as they experience God’s provision through the Body of Christ. Help on raising support to fund your internship program can be found here.

The internship cost involves "Land + Airfare." The Land cost includes all lodging, meals, cultural events, translators, in-country transportation, visas, bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth, and all orientation expenses. Airfare costs can fluctuate so it’s important to note that exact costs will not be known until the time tickets are booked.

Summer Program A (Four Weeks: July 2-July 30)

Being an intern is all about getting your hands dirty on the mission field and July is all about summer camp!  Your days would be spent preparing for camp, serving where needed and most importantly hanging out and loving on the orphan kids.  This month involves a lot of one-on-one discipleship and serving alongside PTJM staff.

  • July 2 - Depart home
  • July 3 - Arrive in Budapest, Hungary and travel to Romania
  • July 30 - Return Home
  • $2,400 + airfare
Summer Program B (Eight Weeks: June 18-August 10)

If you want to spend longer than just a few weeks or even a month, why not stay the whole summer?  Being here the whole summer lets you take more of a leadership role in facilitating teams and working with them to complete their projects.  And don’t forget, you would still be spending a lot of good quality time with the kids!

  • June 18 - Depart home
  • June 19 - Arrive in Budapest, Hungary and travel to Romania
  • August 10 - Return Home
  • Senior Intern Leader = $2,800 + airfare
  • Interns = $3,600 + airfare
Fall Semester (16 weeks: August 27-December 19)

If 8 weeks just isn't enough time for you come for the Fall Semester. Take on a full time volunteer position for 16 weeks. This will give you the feeling of really making a difference in the lives of these children and your own as you invest quality time in Romania.

  • August 27 - Depart home
  • August 28 - Arrive in Budapest, Hungary and travel to Romania
  • December 19 - Return Home
  • $6,000 + airfare
  • April 1 = Application due in PTJM office
  • June 1 = $500 non-refundable deposit due
  • Aug 1 = One month support + airfare due
  • Sept 1 = 85% of support committed
GAP Program (School year between High School and College: August 27-June 15)

Our internship position that is nine months long covers everything but summer.  Find out exactly what it is like to be a full time missionary.  You will be involved in anything and everything from the Mentoring Project to helping a team on the build site.  It is a wonderful opportunity to live out our ministry.  There is a real chance to be able to focus on the projects you are most interested in and take a front seat, leadership role in ministry.

  • August 27 - Depart home
  • August 28 - Arrive in Budapest, Hungary and travel to Romania
  • June 15 - Return Home
  • $1,700 per month + airfare
  • April 1 = Application due in PTJM office
  • June 1 = $500 non-refundable deposit due
  • Aug 1 = One month support + airfare due
  • Sept 1 = 75% of support committed
What steps are involved if I am interested in participating?

All individuals interested in participating in the Pathway to Joy’s internship program must complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out and send in the internship application form by March 1st. If you do not already have a passport, you can leave that portion blank on the application and wait until after selection confirmation to obtain a passport (it usually takes 6-8 weeks).
  2. Email application form with a minimum of three references to Karen Bucur at
  3. We will call you to schedule an interview once your application is received. Selection of interns will be announced in late March, and communication concerning internship details will begin at that point.
  4. Complete and submit a drug test which must have a negative result.
  5. Provide proof of necessary insurance coverage.
  6. Read and sign statement of confidentiality and internship policy documents.
What is the timeline for the application process?
  • March 1– Deadline to submit internship application
  • March 8–Interviews arranged
  • March 22–Intern selection and confirmation
When are payments due for the intern program?

A $250 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance into the internship program. This deposit is applied to the total cost of the internship program.

  • April 22– Half of balance due for June interns
  • May 1– Half of balance due for July interns
  • May 22– Balance due in full for June interns
  • June 1– Balance due in full for July interns
Who handles all the travel details?

Pathway to Joy handles all the details of your overseas travel. Roundtrip international airfare is arranged for each intern based on flying from a major city near your hometown to Budapest, Hungary with ground transportation included by van or bus to Oradea, Romania. Interns will work with our intern coordinator to confirm cost and itinerary. Any airfare/itinerary deviations must be approved by the Intern Coordinator.

What can I expect once I am selected for an internship position?

Once selected for the internship, Pathway to Joy will communicate all the details and expectations. Upon your arrival in Romania, you will have an orientation time with our international staff on-site as well as continued direction from the Intern Coordinator. There will also be a half-day debriefing session at the conclusion of the internship program.

How can I get more information?

For more information on the internship program, contact our staff at or call Pathway to Joy’s international headquarters at (954)-556-6191.