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Romanian orphans need to know that God loves them, and that there is HOPE from heaven with their name on it! The Church can meet this need. You can help get your church get involved with Pathway to Joy Ministries (PTJM) in the following ways:

  • Provide speaking opportunities for Pathway to Joy Ministries at your church or Bible study group - Request a Speaker.
  • Help PTJM become a ministry partner of your church.
  • Host a PTJM Orphan Care Sunday event at your church to build awareness of Romania's orphan crisis.
  • Lead a mission team of volunteers to Romania to assist PTJM with one of their ministry projects.
  • Coordinate a PTJM volunteer mission's project within your church, for example, Project Christmas Joy.
  • Save an orphan's life through Child Sponsorship.
For more information on becoming a Church Partner, please contact Cornel at info@pathwaytojoy.org