Pathway to Joy Ministries understands the importance of choosing a nonprofit partner that aligns with your corporation's philanthropic objectives.  Choosing a partner sends a clear message of corporate social responsibility to your employees and customers.  It can also boost company morale and strengthens employee and customer loyalty.

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For Pathway to Joy, being a Christian organization means we all called to do what we do.  Our faith motivates us to give our best to those we serve, yet we seek to always be sensitive to the cultural context where we work.  Our staff members never put pressure on the people we serve to change their religion.  All the aid and support we offer people has no strings attached and is given generously regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, or religion.

Consider how you and your company can participate in a variety of ways to strengthen your business and build a better world for children in crisis!  As our partner, you can rely on our integrity, passion and commitment in achieving results that are tangible and sustainable.   For more information on becoming a corporate partner, please contact

Corporate partnerships help rescue, restore, and provide HOPE for children in need!