How Does the Child Benefit from Sponsorship?



We're glad you asked! For as little as $30 per month on a recurring basis, your sponsorship enables your sponsored child to participate in one our ministry's church-based programs that offer life-changing benefits such as:

  • Critical health care
  • Education and mentoring
  • Spiritual growth and character development opportunities
  • Nutritious food and clean water
  • Clothing
  • Christian foster care

Am I the Only Sponsor of My Child?

In addition to helping this one child, your sponsorship gifts-combined with those from other sponsors-enables PTJM to provide care for several other children in our projects. For example, there are currently over 20 abandoned children living at the Oradea Children's Hospital that are awaiting placement into a loving Christian foster home.

What is the Length of My Commitment to this Child Once I Sign Up?

That is up to you, but we would like to encourage you to sponsor your child for a minimum of one year. All sponsorships come to a close when the child is either adopted or reaches the age of 18. In some cases, we offer continued support through college graduation.


May I Write to My Sponsored Child?

Yes! We believe that writing is a very important aspect of your commitment to this child/family and we want to encourage you to exchange letters and photos with them. In time, your communication could develop into a lifelong relationship. We cannot guarantee an answer to every letter, however, your sponsored child or their foster mother will write you at least once per year if not more often.


May I Visit My Sponsored Child?

Absolutely! You can plan a visit to Romania through a PTJM mission trip. Please click here to check out our Mission's Calendar or contact us for more information and dates.

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May I Send Gifts to My Sponsored Child?

Yes, you are welcome to send gifts. Please read our gift policy for further instructions.

Our Gift Giving Policy

If you would like to send a gift to your sponsored child we do have a few guidelines to which we ask you to adhere. These guidelines have been created to ensure that the experience is happy for both you and your sponsored child. Frequent gifts may create envy within the family and high postage rates and duty costs need to be considered as well.

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How to send your gift:

Please ensure that your gift does not exceed a $30 value and weighs no more than sixteen ounces. Please limit your gifts to two per year. Please include a card or letter in the envelope addressed to your child. You may also include a picture of yourself and/or your family with your letter/card. Please do not send checks. They take 4 months to cash in and the bank-processing fee is 10% of the amount.

Send to:

Fundatia Poarta Bucuriei
Attn: Name of Sponsored Child
Bd. Stefan cel Mare nr. 88
410437, Oradea, Bihor

Need some gift ideas? Click here to check out our ministry wish lists.

How Can I Help PTJM Reduce Overhead Costs?

By using a recurring payment method of giving. This is the most cost-efficient and convenient method of providing your support. This simple process brings many benefits to both you and Pathway to Joy Ministries. For you it means you save time and money, as you no longer have to write and post your checks every month. You'll have the peace of mind of knowing that your contributions will always reach us, even in the event of a mail delay. For Pathway to Joy Ministries it means reducing our mail processing time every month and saving on costly reminder notices. The more cost efficient we are the more funds reach our children..